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March 17 2020 : Shipping Updates

March 17 2020 : Shipping Updates

We are committed to the safety of customers, you our Mighty Family, and our staff. As you are for sure aware by now with everything going on, due to health concerns we've decided to operate at limited capacity .....

The Top 5 Most Expensive Items You Don't Want to Spill On!

  While there's never a good time, there's nothing more expensive then What you spill on. Here's a short list of what I think ate the Top 5 Most Expensive Items You Don't Want to Spill On.

Make the Switch, Make a Change!

Make the Switch, Make a Change!

A cup of coffee on the go is routine for many Americans, but that's no reason to constantly create waste. Recently more than 60 scientists contributed to a new investigative report on the manufacturing of plastics. The study looks to present a comprehensive analysis of the impact that plastics have on the environment and human health, as well as offer potential ways to curb the negative impact.

Mighty Mug 30 Days of Wellness

30 Days of Wellness with Mighty Mug

I once heard the question posed by a medical doctor: if you could take a magic pill to alleviate or prevent so many of your health problems -- everything from depression, fatigue, weight gain, skin spots, cancer, Alzheimer's and more -- would you do it?

5 Reason You Should Care About Spilling Mighty Mug

5 Reasons Why You Should Care About Spills!

Mighty Mug was designed to prevent one major problem, spills! But why should you care about liquid spills you're probably asking yourself, well here are 5 solid reasons why. 

Lego Do Great Things

Mighty Mug has always been driven by innovation. But if successful companies are measured by their capacity to innovate, our future might be in trouble.

Mighty Mug Jon Fortt CNBC Inc. Magazine

Look Ma, I'm on TV!

A few weeks ago, I attended the event in New York - an event, presented by Inc Magazine and CNBC, to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and visionaries that are inspired by innovation and design. 

Mighty Mug Now Sold At Best Buy

Looking Good! Mighty Mug Now Sold At Best Buy!

We want the same qualities in a mug that we do in a partner: intelligence, durability, comfort, trust, fun... and good looks. But let's be honest - Mighty Mug wasn't always the best looking mug on the market. 





Looking Back on the Summer of Mighty

Can you believe it's almost Autumn?! It seems like just yesterday our Summer interns got started with us here at Mighty HQ.

Mighty Mug Pint Glass - Barware

Summer Is Finally HERE! - Jamocha Shake Recipe

Our health-minded friends will love this recipe from Minimalist Baker for vegan vanilla/mocha milkshakes. It's inspired by Arby's Jamocha Shake, with only 3 simple ingredients.

Mighty Mug 'Solutions' Award Winner at Ambiente

We are so proud and honored to have been selected for Ambiente's prestigious Solutions achievement, which is awarded to products that are proven to be both innovative and effective.

Gary Vaynerchuck Features Mighty Mug


Big Shout out to the one and only Gary Vaynerchuck for featuring Mighty Mug in his email newsletter last week. 

If you don't know Gary, he is a social media guru and one of our most favorite people. You can check him out by below to get you DailyVee Dose


Mighty Mug: Tool of Titans Tim Ferriss

Since our inception, Mighty Mug ​has been dedicated to problem solving. How can we do things better and make people's lives easier? These are the questions that drive us every day, and we are always looking for inspiration. 

Mighty Mug Get's Shot

Over the summer we've had a lot of enthusiastic and entertaining people review the Mighty Mug. It seems a lot of folks really want to push  this baby to its limits! Mighty Mug was filmed getting hit with a baseball bat and stabbed with a knife among other things. 


Spill Waves, Not Drinks!

Spill Waves, Not Drinks!

Over the Summer we've had a lot of people try out the Mighty Mug on camera. From throwing knives and drumsticks at the cup, to swinging at it with a bat, people have tried all sorts of things to get the Mighty Mug to fall over. The product is so special that it's been nicknamed the "Unspillable" mug.

Mighty Mug Almost Gets Arrested

With everyone on the web recently testing Mighty Mug to it's limits, I decided to try something on my own. Although Mighty Mug is made for one thing and one thing only - resisting accidental knocks at your desk or table - many are really pushing it well beyond it's care and use, for example by throwing helmets at it, hitting it with bats, stabbing it, etc....
Wolfie Stabs Mighty Mug - Mug That Won't Fall

Wolfie Stabs Mighty Mug? Gets 3 Million Views

Wolfie Stabs Mighty Mug  gets 3 Million Views
It’s been a crazy few weeks here at Mighty Mug HQ. Mighty Mug has went viral on the web, racking up over 20 million views in 4 weeks.
This week a young and crazy Canadian who goes by the name of “Wolfie” tried to rough up Mighty Mug. He smashed, he laughed, he cried and he, well, broke his parents wall.
"The Cup That Will Never Spill" - Youtube Star Takes Gun to Mighty Mug - NSFW

"The Cup That Will Never Spill" - Youtube Star Takes Gun to Mighty Mug - NSFW

"That's some freak S*#t! Well well interwebs you're back at it again. Last week we had Unbox Therapy review Mighty Mug and get 9.5 Million views and this week a young man, who goes by the name Comedy Shorts Gamer, with quite the potty mouth we may add, did a very amusing and fun review of Mighty Mug. 

"This Cup Is Unspillable - What Magic Is This?" - Unbox Therapy Meets Mighty Mug

"This Cup Is Unspillable - What Magic Is This?" - Unbox Therapy Meets Mighty Mug

"Come on! Show me where David Copperfield is! This doesn't look right!" 

Lew from Unbox Therapy reviews Mighty Mug and the internet absolutely lost its collective mind.


Mighty Mug - Japan

Mighty Mug - Japan

Whenever people saw how Mighty Mug grips when you knock into it but lift's naturally their reactions were priceless.

Mighty Mug Prototype Demo Mug That Won't Fall

What is this SORCERY?!?!?!

Many people cry witchcraft but we yell back "it's physics". We only used one cauldron and two spells when creating Mighty Mug and no frogs were harmed during it's conjuring. 

Mighty Mug The Mug That Won't Fall On A Boat

" I'm on a Boat"

While it's been a while since we had a chance to ride the open seas a Mighty Mug owner sent us this clip while cruising the waters of Mexico. 

Insanity - Mighty Mug Meets Shaun T

Insanity - Mighty Mug Meets Shaun T

          We are not worthy! Shaun T of Insanity workout fame bought a Mighty Mug and loves i...
Mighty Mug - Coffee's For Your Mug Not Your Pants

#ThrowbackThursday : Coffee's for Your Mug, Not Your Pants

 In looking back on some old pics and videos we came across one our first Mighty Mug videos " Coffee is for your Mug not your Pants" 

Mighty Mug Goes for a Ride

Mighty Mug Goes for a Ride

 Have you ever got into your car and left your mug on your roof or hood?

We tested this out with Mighty Mug with professional stunt driver on a closed course. Check it out and don't try this at home.


Happiness Guaranteed - Register Your Mighty Mug

Happiness Guaranteed - Register Your Mighty Mug

When you register your Mighty Mug we guarantee it for life. 


Meredith Vieira Meets Mighty Mug

Meredith Vieira Meets Mighty Mug

We recently had the pleasure to hang out with Meredith Vieira and her team.