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Mighty Mug 30 Days of Wellness

30 Days of Wellness with Mighty Mug

I once heard the question posed by a medical doctor: if you could take a magic pill to alleviate or prevent so many of your health problems -- everything from depression, fatigue, weight gain, skin spots, cancer, Alzheimer's and more -- would you do it?

Lego Do Great Things

Mighty Mug has always been driven by innovation. But if successful companies are measured by their capacity to innovate, our future might be in trouble.

Mighty Mug Now Sold At Best Buy

Looking Good! Mighty Mug Now Sold At Best Buy!

We want the same qualities in a mug that we do in a partner: intelligence, durability, comfort, trust, fun... and good looks. But let's be honest - Mighty Mug wasn't always the best looking mug on the market. 





Mighty Mug Pint Glass - Barware

Summer Is Finally HERE! - Jamocha Shake Recipe

Our health-minded friends will love this recipe from Minimalist Baker for vegan vanilla/mocha milkshakes. It's inspired by Arby's Jamocha Shake, with only 3 simple ingredients.

Mighty Mug 'Solutions' Award Winner at Ambiente

We are so proud and honored to have been selected for Ambiente's prestigious Solutions achievement, which is awarded to products that are proven to be both innovative and effective.

Mighty Mug - Japan

Mighty Mug - Japan

Whenever people saw how Mighty Mug grips when you knock into it but lift's naturally their reactions were priceless.

Mighty Mug Prototype Demo Mug That Won't Fall

What is this SORCERY?!?!?!

Many people cry witchcraft but we yell back "it's physics". We only used one cauldron and two spells when creating Mighty Mug and no frogs were harmed during it's conjuring. 

Insanity - Mighty Mug Meets Shaun T

Insanity - Mighty Mug Meets Shaun T

          We are not worthy! Shaun T of Insanity workout fame bought a Mighty Mug and loves i...
Happiness Guaranteed - Register Your Mighty Mug

Happiness Guaranteed - Register Your Mighty Mug

When you register your Mighty Mug we guarantee it for life. 


Meredith Vieira Meets Mighty Mug

Meredith Vieira Meets Mighty Mug

We recently had the pleasure to hang out with Meredith Vieira and her team.