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An Idea & A Dream

An Idea & A Dream

Mighty Mug, was founded with one objective; stop spills before they happen. Every great idea is born out of a problem. Ours was a spilled coffee on a suddenly ruined computer.

The more we talked about spills, the more we realized that we weren't alone, and that dangerous spills were a universal problem despised the world over. So we asked - why do mugs fall and how can we come up with something better. 

After years of tinkering and prototyping, we came up with our patented Smartgrip technology, which allows Mighty Mug to grip when knocked, but lifts naturally when you need a sip. 




Once we launched the Mighty Mug, we were blown away by the world's reaction. People that tried Mighty Mug were instantly amazed. This amazement translated into more than 3.5 million sold and more than 250 million media impressions. Social media influencers and Hollywood stars shared their love for Mighty Mug with their fans and propelled us to become the most talked about drinkware brand, ever. One video even got a whopping 17 million views. We were incredibly appreciative and humbled. 

We come from simple beginnings, starting Mighty Mug from my parent's kitchen table with no more than an idea and a dream. Incredibly, Mighty Mug now sold in 32 countries, has built a community of people that love innovative (and hate spills), and we couldn't be more appreciative.

New Features for 2018

Each day we wake up and work to improve Mighty Mug. We recently launched our new Mighty Mug Stainless Steel line, which can keep your coffee, tea, or hot cocoa hot for up to 6 hours and your iced tea or water cold for an incredible 24 hours.

We also added a fantastic lid, which allows you to drink from any spot. This 360 lid is particularly helpful in car commutes where you should be able to focus 100% of your effort on driving, and 0% of your energy trying to find your mug's spout.


Mighty Mug 360 Degree Drinking Lid Drink Anywhere 



The other significant advancement in our new models is that the lid is 100% leakproof. On the go? Throw Mighty Mug in your bag and rest easy.



Mighty Mug Rose Gold Leakproof

We believe a world without spills is a mightier one.


Praise For Mighty Mug

"This should be the only mug allowed on desks across America."

-Unbox Therapy

"This mug is built to prevent spills."

- Business Insider

"We finally found the solution to preventing that early morning cup of coffee from ending up on the floor or your desk."

- USA Today

"This New Mug Could Help You Avoid Disaster"

- Good Housekeeping


          "Obsessed with this thing. It is called the Mighty Mug."

-Meredith Viera


           "A team of downright geniuses -- no, heroes -- has created a line of drinkware that simply doesn't spill, no matter how few motor skills you possess. . . In other words, you may never need to sop up a crime scene-like red wine spill with your damn ShamWow ever again."



"I haven't seen a mug this well constructed, ever. So yes I definitely believe in this mug."

-ABC News


"What if you never had to worry about spilling your coffee ever again? That’s right -- this mug is for all of you commuters who try to balance it on the floor of a moving train, for you busy parents who have kids and pets running through the house, or anyone who’s spilled anything EVER. This is one of those things you have to see to believe"

-Rachel Ray


-Wired Magazine

"This technology has definitely not only saved my life a few times, but my computer’s as well."

-Men's Journal

"You get a little too tipsy, lose control of your motor skills, and knock over your drink, spilling it all over yourself and everyone else at your table. That problem may soon be a thing of the past thanks to the heroes who have created Mighty Mug."


"This is ingenious"

-Daily Mail

"Y'all, this means no more coffee spills, damp keyboards, or stained shirts!! *sheds a tear*


"I have recommended this to everyone who is looking for a gift. Trust me, you will play around with this mug for a good ten minutes trying to knock it down; it is almost mesmerizing at times. It is a great conversation starter as well. I congratulate Mighty Mug for creating the ultimate mug."


"A truly mighty mug."

-ZD Net

Behind The Scenes at Mighty Mug HQ

Mighty Mug Packaging Design Review

Packaging Concepts
Mighty Mug Mural Graffiti Gloss Black

Mighty Mug HQ Mural Painted by Gloss Black

Team Mighty having a laugh

Mighty Mug HQ BBQ Grill Rahway NJ

Our background oasis in Rahway, NJ

Mighty Mug HQ BBQ Uncle Vinny

Uncle Vinny manning the grill

Inspiration Pressure Busts Pipes Diamonds

One of many inspirational quotes scattered around HQ

Mighty Mug HQ Dan Gatto

Dan "The Design Guru" - here's looking at you kid!

Mighty Mug HQ Lego Stop Motion Video

Mighty Mug Interns designs, filmed and promoted a Mighty Mug + Lego stop motion video

Mighty Mug HQ Ping Pong

 "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"  - intense games of ping-pong at HQ


   Check out the new Mighty Mug Stainless Steel line 

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