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"This Cup Is Unspillable - What Magic Is This?" - Unbox Therapy Meets Mighty Mug

"This Cup Is Unspillable - What Magic Is This?" - Unbox Therapy Meets Mighty Mug

We woke up Monday morning to a ton of e-mails and web orders. As I lay in bed, I wondered what in the world was going on. Had everyone and their mother finally decided they were done with mugs that fall, and needed the ultimate coffee travel mug, our beloved Mighty Mug?! Not quite, but close - Lew from Unbox Therapy had done a review of Mighty Mug, and the internet absolutely lost. its. collective. shit!

The video got 4 million views in the first 24 hours and at the time of writing this has received 9.3 Million Views on Youtube and another 1.6 Million Views on Facebook.

The best part about this, we had never even connected with Unbox Therapy before his post so the cost of getting almost 11 million impressions - Zero Dollars! Check out the Unbox Therapy channel and subscribe if seeing the newest tech is your thing.

If you are working on something amazing, keep your head up, someone with a big following will find you and get the word out.

We will use this blog to keep you in the loop on awesome events and give you an insiders look into running a small business - the ups and downs but never the spills.

Here's what Lew from Unbox Therapy had to say about Mighty Mug:

 "What's up, guys? Lew back here with another video and today I've got something unusual for you, but I THINK - I'm thinking - it might be incredibly useful. I still don't really believe it though, cause when I saw this online, and I saw the demonstration, I was like "Come on! Show me where David Copperfield is! This doesn't look right!"

What I've got in front of me is something called the Mighty Mug. This is the mug that cannot be tipped over, will not fall over, it is the mug that is un-spillable. "What are you talking about Lew?" Everybody needs this. Why - if this is something have mugs been able tip for so long...

Now I think THIS might be the ultimate kind of mug for your gadget head, because as you know and I know, what these kinda guys are on a laptop, right? Cruising. Cruising for a bruising, looking for the next best thing on the web and generally speaking we have a drink nearby.

You tip that drink right into that keyboard, you fry that logic board, that motherboard... you're not a happy camper anymore, are you? All because of what? You're trying to save your pennies, use a cheap-o mug, instead of the un-spillable one? What kind of person are you?

I have a Coca Cola. Classic. The classic's in the house (Coca Cola hit me up; I'm still waiting for your phone call). This one is kind of a more traditional coffee style; this one looks like it's for a cold beverage. It includes a straw. It lifts straight up but it grips to the surface.

You know that game that you play at those motivational things, where it's like "Do you trust the guy behind you? Just fall back. He'll catch you!" You know the game I'm talking about? That's the moment we're gonna have, that's the moment we're about to have here (junk inside...).

It's interesting - so the bottom part of it is the fact that it, like, pivots a little bit. I'm gonna put the mug to the side for a moment, but like I said, they essentially function the sa-- I just picked it up, wait that was no problem, so. Oh man this is nerve racking. I got all this camera equipment over here, and I'm gonna try and tip this thing over.

(Remember what I said Coca Cola, I'm waiting for your phone call. Any time. Phone lines are open.)

You lift straight up and it comes up. But! Ooh! Oh, towards the camera... ayypuh! It's stressful every time. It looks like it's gonna go. You feel like it's gonna... but it ain't gonna go.

What if I... whoo! Got me feeling a little nilly willy. That's a lot of f-- do I slap it? Do I slap it?! Uggh! Baaawh! WOW! What?!?! How do I not have this already? How does EVERYONE not have this?! I mean if you could forget about the splash coming out the top, which you could... I'm sp-- whoa man. My life has changed.

What about picking it up? So let's say I want to take a drink. What?! This is like TOO genius. This should be the only cup allowed on desks across America. This one. It makes a simple claim, but it's a hell of a claim, and I was skeptical... come on!"

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Be Mighty,


Founder, Mighty Mug

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