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Wolfie Stabs Mighty Mug? Gets 3 Million Views

Wolfie Stabs Mighty Mug - Mug That Won't Fall

Wolfie Stabs Mighty Mug? Gets 3 Million Views!

Hey There, 

It’s been an awesome few weeks here at HQ since Mighty Mug went viral on the web racking up over 20 million views in 4 weeks.

This week a young and crazy Canadian who goes by the name of “Wolfie” tried to rough up Mighty Mug. He smashed, he laughed, he cried and he, well, broke his parents wall? Still not sure why everyone is stabbing/slamming/kicking Mighty Mug when it's really only made to resist accidental knocks. 

Check out the video that has over 3 million views but be warned it’s filled with curses and ridiculousness.

Be Mighty,




Founder, Mighty Mug

Video Transcript

“Hey yo it's your boy Wolfie and today I'm back to bust some f*ck$ng myths.  It was brought to my attention that there is some mug that doesn't spill. Apparently it's called the Mighty Mug and all you have to do is put liquid in it. You can hit it as hard as you want and it won't fall over.  So let me be real with you guys. I saw Unbox Therapy do this, and I thought it was pretty cool. I also saw ComedyShortsGamer do this and he couldn't even knock it over. But you guys know your boy Wolfie: when someone tells me I can't do something, I'm gonna do it! So ch--

Tell me I can't... it doesn't spill, eh? Then what the hell is this?

So today I'm gonna put this Mighty Mug through the true test. I'm gonna put it against this water bottle, this water bottle, and I'm going to try my hardest to knock it over okay. So before I start, I want you guys to go down to that 'like' button and smash it. We've been hitting 50,000 'likes' on every video. So if we can hit over 50,000 'likes,' this Mighty Mug is toast. Like it's not gonna stand a chance.

So I guess now let's just knock this thing over. So right now you guys are seeing this first. I have not opened the Mighty Mug; I'm opening it right now. This is an unboxed thing and I'm gonna knock it over. So this is what we got. On the side of the box it says it grips so it won't fall over, cause it grips to the table I guess, and then it lifts. So apparently you can just lift it straight up, but then you can't knock it over... I don't know.

Anyways, I have the Mighty Mug here. Taking it out for the first time. It's a little wobbly on the bottom, but let's put water in all three of these bottles and then put them up against each other. Typical tap water, this is nothing special. This thing is filled to the brim; now we're going to put the lid on and then fill the other ones up.

And then last but not least, the one that's made out of metal because something about the bottle could misshape the figures of the hyperbole and the mat... I dunno. Okay so the first test, the lift test. On the box it says you can lift it up and then you can bump it over, so I'm just gonna lift this one. Boom. Easy test, right, normal, easy. Just one straight up easy.

Okay it passed the lift test. Now we're going to get into the real sh*t. I'm not going to start off too savage; I'm just gonna bump each one lightly and see if they fall over. I'm going to put this one at the very end cause I want this one to be the last one that you guys see. Just the simple judo chop to the side.

Boom. Okay. This one already fell over, so this one's, you know what? I don't want to break anything. I was going to throw it... simple judo chop. K, I'm not hitting sh*t light over here. This is Wolfie Raps! We don't hit sh*t light! Here we go.

What the f*ck! Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo! Why. Does. This. Thing. Not. Fall. Why does this not fall over?! F*ck that hurts, that actually low key hurts. Okay it passes the first test, but now we're moving on to some big boy sh*t. Okay so the next round is some actual sh*t that could go down in your day to day life.

Say you're just walking by the table, you don't see the bottle and you just happen to hit it with your elbow. F*CK! Ow. [Fell On His Toe] This one would have fell, so we know not to buy this normal plastic bottle. We're going to to the middle one.

Yo! David! What's good bro! Yo what's popping, man? Sh*t. I just hit over a bottle. I wish I had the Mighty Mug.

Now it's time for the Mighty Mug. I'm actually going to elbow this one pretty hard so here we go...

Yo Zack, what's popping man? [Knocks Into Mug - It Doesn't Fall]

I just elbowed this so hard and it didn't move. Look at this f*cking mug. Like, I can elbow it - boom, boom. I'm sending it shots and it's flying across the table and it's not falling! Okay so it passes the second test.

Now the knife test. Okay so if you guys haven't already seen the way this thing functions before, you move on to the third round. It has like a little suction cup that grips onto the table I guess, and then the bottom weighs a lot more than the top. So that means when you hit the bottom, it legit doesn't move. That's why I've been hitting it at the top and it's still not moving, which is pretty good but obviously it's not gonna move when you hit the bottom so let's move onto the knife round.

Okay so let's do a really realistic scenario. Say you're sitting at your dinner table and there's a knife fight about to break out. So obviously you grab your knife up, and you're gonna swing at someone right? If there happens to be a water bottle in the way, the most important thing going on in your mind is not "Am I gonna get stabbed or not," cause that's stupid as hell. It's "Is my water going to spill, so that I'll have water to drink after the fight."

So you guys know I'm always careful with knives. So when you handle the kni-- [hits Non-Mighty Mug, it falls] he would be dead and your water will be spilled... Like I was saying, your water will be spilled. You don't want to have a water bottle that spills! Two water bottles gone. Now we got the Mighty Mug. Give it a little tap. What's good bro? Are you gonna spill on me mid-fight or not?

[Hits Mighty Mug With Knife Repeatedly]

What the f*ck? This thing's Illuminati. It doesn't spill. Why won't you spill?!

Hit that 'like' button! Please, I need to make this thing spill by the end of the episode. I look like a b*tch right now. I think that's what it is, I think I just needed to give a little pep talk to myself and the bottle so I can make it... I can't even f*cking lift it now.

Just look at these gash marks. This cup might be injured with all these slits, but it didn't spill - that's the main thing. As long as your cup didn't spill. You know you could be dead on the ground, but you're not - your cup didn't spill so it's all good. Yo why don't you f*cking spill, cup? Why don't you f*cking spill? Why don't you spill?! Just f*cking spill, you're making me look like an idiot in front of this f*cking video! Please, I just need you to spill.  Just fall. All you have to do is fall.

("I will never fall!")



You're not gonna fall?


But why?!

("Your hair line is crooked!")

That's it. The big weapons are coming out. Guys, I didn't want to have to do this but this cup just sh*t talked your boy Wolfie, King Wolfie?! Don't ever sh*t talk Wolfie. We're gonna f*ck you up.

Alright guys let me get our warm-up in. Look, King Wolfie. Ahh! You wanna... What the f*ck! That won't fall. You wanna fight? Close your lid buddy, you're gonna need it. I'll give you a little tap, just a love tap. It's not falling guys. Alright here we go [Throws Stick]. What the f*ck? [Keeps Hitting Mighty Mug]

Just fall already! Just f*cking fall already, man. [Flicks Mighty Mug] Oww! F*ck that hurt. Don't flick it, just don't flick it. I'm tired of your sh*t! I'm tired of it!

Alright guys, this is the moment of truth. I'm doing the baseball swing! I didn't want it to come down to this, but this thing won't fall, and King Wolfie is not gonna walk away without this thing falling. Cause like I said, you tell me I can't do something - f*ck, I'm gonna do it.

Batter up! You wanna talk sh*t? You wanna talk sh*t?! I'm gonna knock you over last. Yeah what were you saying about me? You're not gonna say it to my -- say it to my face bro. Say it to my face bro! Who's next? You were talking shit too? [Other Bottle] Bro I told you, I don't listen to that small talk! [Knocks Bottle Over]

...Alright before I hit it, I got my burned sweet potato. Let's see if Jacob Sartorius has the power. You can wear my sweatshirt... We knocked it over! Jacob Sartorious has the power! But I already knew that, this one's a magical sweet potato but we're gonna do it with a baseball bat. Thanks Jacob. I'm gonna buy hit or miss, 12:00, I got you.

Alright, you want it? Don't ever talk sh*t about King Wolfie again! You know what? Don't ever f*ck with King Wolfie again. This thing IS spill-able, but if you wanna spill it, I guess you're gonna have to hit it with a baseball bat which I don't think is ever gonna happen.

So, you know what? I agree with this cup. It's actually pretty "deez."

Alright guys, that is it for today. I HOPE you guys enjoyed. By the way this video is not sponsored - I literally just saw him do it, and in my head I really just felt the need that I needed to hit over this water bottle. Because you know when someone tells me I can't do something you know I just gotta do it. So if you did enjoy the video, make sure you hit that 'like' button.

Let's smash 50,000 likes. We've been getting 50,000 likes on all my videos, so I think we can do that one, fam. And if you want to get 75 thousand likes, then you know I wouldn't mind that either. And make sure to comment down below another "impossible challenge." Because you know nothing's impossible to Wolfie; I'll break em all. And who knows, I might do that next time on Myth Bust with Wolfie.

Anyways I will see you guys soon with another banger video and as always, STAY SAVAGE”

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