Promote your business

Custom Mighty Mugs are a great way to convey your marketing message and build brand awareness.

This year give amazing

Sure, you can find a cheap mug, or print your logo on a $10 T-shirt, but that mug won't get people excited about your brand, and that T-Shirt will sit in the drawer unused for most of the year. Pens get lost and run out of ink, and your logo imprint is so small that few see it. When you give someone a Mighty Mug, they are blown away by its magic and are eager to show friends and family which results in tons of free impressions for your brand.

Keep your brand front and center

When you have a Mighty Mug, you use it every day. You take it wherever you go: on the bus, train, and plane. It is your trusty companion in the battle against messy spills and It is a walking billboard for your brand. Each interaction a Mighty Mug owner has is an opportunity to show people the amazing mug (with your logo) that won't fall when knocked into but lifts naturally.

Happy employees,
Amazed customers

Whether you are looking for a great employee gift or an item to wow potential customers, Mighty Mug is your item. People love our patented Smartgrip which allows Mighty Mug to resist knocks, saving them from nasty spills that frequently destroy laptops, keyboard, anckphones.

Simple to order

We make ordering custom Mighty Mugs a breeze. Follow the link below and let us know a bit about your project and someone from our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Great for:

  • employee gifts
  • law offices
  • teacher appreciation
  • client giveaways
  • family reunion memorabilia
  • onboarding gifts
  • tradeshow handout
  • raffle gifts